I’m going to tell you about flash game, which only uses four buttons and is extremely popular and I’m pretty sure you will just love it and hate it at the same time, why? because game is extremely hard, yet addicting. Name of this game is QWOP and all you need is Q, W, O and P buttons to control it (QW for thighs and OP for calves).

Author of this game is Bennett Foddy, it was inspired by Olympic Games (100-metre race), all you have to do is to run on specific distance, like I have said before you only have four buttons which you use to move forward your athlete. That is where hard part of the game comes, you see it is tricky to press these buttons at the right time and make good combination of leg movement.

At first you will fail for sure and you will fail really hard, you won’t be able even to walk 1 meter, but in time after making many mistakes I’m sure you will figure it out and you will enjoy game very much.

QWOP reminds me of ragdoll physics, all games from this category are really tough, but once you master it you will get addicted to it.