Stick RPG 2

Guys do you know what is the best way to experience alternate world where everything is possible? With current stage of our technologies, best way to achieve it is to play MMORPG or RPG games. Such games offer you world without boundaries, where you can become anything you want and Stick RPG 2 is no difference.

Game was developed by XgenStudios, I want to talk about this game because it comes on flash platform, game is free and any user can play it online as long as they want to. Of course there are other MMORPG games as well, such as World Of Warcraft, but thing is you have to install it and you will also have to pay for it which is kind of too much of hassle.

In Stick RPG 2 you play in paper thin city, you have different quests and missions, you have opportunity to explore different locations, you can also increase intellect of your main character, increase his health, strength and income. You can buy house and complete different objectives. Even though game is on the flash platform it is really complicated and it can offer player a lot of entertainment and fun.