World of Solitaire

Who else enjoys playing classic card games? You know, ones that we were all playing back in 90s? One of such card games is well known World of Solitaire. I used to play it for hours all day long while I was at my work bored AF. This game is really irreplaceable when it comes to killing time.

So why I’m remembering good old times, you see now there is flash version of this game, which you can play online from ZverGaming blog and you no longer have to use old version of the game which comes with Windows. Just bookmark this page and you can play Solitaire as long as you want.

I will add game version which includes different modes like: 1 card, 3 cards, spider solitaire, spider (2 suits), freecell and other popular modes as well. I’m really glad that flash version of this game has appeared, I will for sure play it on regular basis, what about you?