Return Man 4 – Linebacker

There you go, I have added fourth version of the game as well, it is called Return Man 4, but I’m pretty sure official name of this game is Linebacker. This is sport flash game, to be more specific American Football, game was developed by ESPN Arcade. This company is well known for their popular online games in sport category, you can check their official site if you want, lot of interesting games can be found there.

If you are aware what kind of sport is American Football you won’t find it difficult to master Return Man 4/Linebacker. Tactics are pretty much the same, objective is to succeed in the game and win. There are couple of tools which you can use to achieve victory on football field, number one is your special moves (but you need to unlock them first) and second is good decision making (attack when it is important and avoid enemy defenders when you have such option, no need to risk without reason).

You will find more yourself as you progress through game.