Return Man 6 – WideOut

Who knows which game is one of the most popular currently on the internet? no one? Well okay, I will tell you, it is Return Man 6 also known as WideOut. What is it? It is American Football based flash game, and this game belongs to sport category. Main objective is to get through enemy blockers and catch touchdown passes. There are rules which you need to follow if you want to make everything correctly, you see there is yellow area where you need to get, but you should get there at correct time, if you will get there too early blockers will block area, if you will get there too late you won’t be able to catch ball.

So make sure that you calculate your time while running across the football field, timing is main secret of Return Man 6, if you will understand it you will be able to win all levels in the game.

Good luck and have fun guys.