Return Man 5 – Linebacker 2

Greetings, ZverGaming is here to tell you about Return Man 5, action sport game which was created by ESPN Arcade, they really love American Football and this is why they have so many games dedicated to this sport. Actually many people have no idea that real name of this game is Linebacker 2, but who cares about names anyway, instead let’s talk about game itself and what it can offer us.

Well this game sure as hell can offer us some amazing thrill and adrenaline, when your character grabs ball and runs across the football field to score touchdown it is unbelievable experience. Running is good, but you need to use your brains in order to make good decisions which will lead you to victory, on the football field as you know there are enemy units as well and they will do anything to stop you. Think twice before you will make your next move and let your teammates to protect you, they can block some defenders and clear path for you. If you have opportunity to avoid enemy do so, but if you have to face them use your special moves, they will help you a lot.

Game is very popular in the USA, football funs just admire it.