ZverGaming - Happy Wheels & Many Many More!

Welcome to my personal blog – ZverGaming.Com. I’m really huge fan of Happy Wheels game and I want to personally send my thanks to developer of this game Jim Bonacci, this game is really awesome and very entertaining, most of the time I spend playing it, but I also play other flash games such as: The Impossible Quiz, Super Smash Flash 2, Return Man, QWOP, Solitaire, Stick RPG 2 and many many more.

Reason why I have created this blog is to share my favorite flash games with other gamers worldwide, together we can enjoy awesome games and have some fun, I’m also open for conversations, if you feel like you have some questions or suggestions, like for example your favorite online game, I will be more than happy to talk to you, use contact form which I have on my site or you can follow my fan page on Facebook and contact me from there, choice is yours.

Now my opinion about Happy Wheels, this is free online game, it involves racing as well as overcoming obstacles and other traps, some of these obstacles are pretty tricky and hard, it will most likely take you a while to figure out how to finish different levels/maps successfully. Another important thing about this game is its dark humor and funny moments which appear in the game very often, there is also a lot of blood and terrifying moments in the game so be prepared, LUL. Game also involves lot of different characters, maps, special abilities (it is worth mentioning that each character has its own unique ability which you can trigger with space bar), interesting scenarios and tons of small yet important details which in total makes Happy Wheels number one flash game on the planet (at least for me :D).

You must also know that there is full version of the game as well as there is unblocked, hacked and demo versions of the game, I have no idea who created those editions, but if you want to give them try I have all of them on my blog – ZverGaming, use search or browse around my site to find them. I also have other online game, scroll down and see yourself which games I consider the most popular and entertaining, you can play all of them online for free.

For your comfort I have added image of the controls below, see yourself which buttons you should press in order to make specific action.

I’m really happy to see you here guys, hope you've enjoyed my work and you've found ZverGaming fun blog, hit that share button, remember sharing is carrying, cheers guys and have fun ;)